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Man using laptop and smartphone with printer in foreground

Synappx™ Go

Productivity wherever you go.

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Synappx™ Go

Synappx™ Go helps your content and information move with you throughout the workplace.  With just your smartphone, you can easily scale content to a large display or scan documents and release print jobs from a multifunction printer. Do more, as you move through your day. 

  • In today’s world, there is an increased dependency on mobile devices as you can do almost anything from a smart phone. So why not print or share content from it too?
  • You can simplify the use of several technologies in meetings and the workplace by just using Synappx Go. This can help reduce the frustrations that many employees face while trying to use multiple devices.
  • Employees won’t have to worry about accessing content or connecting devices that they are unfamiliar with, as they can just do it all directly from their mobile phone.

To learn more about Synappx Go, download our datasheet from the downloads section below.

Man using laptop and mobile phone with a printer in foreground

Synappx™ Go

Productivity wherever you go

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MFPs & displays are more personal!

Synappx Go helps you do more as you move through your day, all from your phone. Make your workplace smarter and leverage the technology you have in place to facilitate spontaneous collaboration.

  • Follow the simple setup wizard.
  • Just use the app, no need to learn the equipment.
  • Set up personalised scan settings and cloud storage access to save time.
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Collaboration on the go!

Synappx Go helps collaboration happen anywhere and anytime with enabled displays. Your team can meet not only in a conference room but also in a huddle area or cafeteria. Even hallways can become collaboration workspaces.

  • Simply tap the NFC tag to display your content on the Sharp display.
  • Team members can also tap to retrieve content and collaborate.
  • Modified content is stored back in the original locations.
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Simplify scanning & print release

No need to learn how to use all different MFPs or go through complex log in processes. Scanning documents or print release on a Sharp MFP is easier than ever! Just a few mobile phone taps on the NFC tag.

  • Maximise convenience and privacy with the Synappx Go print release feature which allows for printouts to be released at the MFP.
  • Scan documents to frequently used destinations, your email address, a group of people, or select cloud storage services.

Central management

The Synappx Admin Portal allows you to track and manage Synappx Applications from one location. Here, administrators gain central control of all the necessary components of Synappx Applications. Visualised data is available to give administrators insight into organisational trends.

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Security is our number one priority

Security is always at the forefront of Sharp’s innovative technology. With Microsoft® Azure, Microsoft® 365, Google Workspace™ technologies and Sharp’s security best practices, Synappx applications and services are protected by layered security. To learn more about Synappx security, download our security white paper.

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Synappx™ Go Datasheet


Synappx™ Security Whitepaper


Productivity wherever you go

Synappx™ Go helps simplify document scanning and printing. With the Synappx Go app, print files from your cloud storage, scan documents to colleagues, and print release content from your PC at any enabled MFP - without logging in or changing MFP settings. 

Ad hoc meetings made easy

Synappx™ Go helps collaboration happen anywhere, anytime. With the Synappx Go app, you and your team can share content at any enabled display, collaborate on files, and store them back to their original locations without ever booking a meeting room. 

Synappx™ Support

For further help and advice regarding any of our Synappx products including User and Admin Guides, System Requirement Guides and FAQs, please visit our support area.

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