Fredrik Westerdahl, CFO at Sharp

Fredrik Westerdahl is Sharp's new CFO

Fredrik Westerdahl is our new Nordic CFO at the Stockholm office since mid-August. He describes himself as curious, calm, and thorough and is looking forward to being part of developing Sharp forward.

Fredrik has worked in similar roles for 24 years and thinks that his focus has shifted from a "control function" to becoming more involved in the business.

-Over the years, I have been given a broader role that also includes analysis, development, and strategy, which I appreciate. Sharp works as we want our customers to, by becoming more efficient and being able to spend time and energy on analyzing and developing instead of doing manual labor. For me, it's about working strategically. My goal is also to provide the organization with fast and correct information at the right time and to explain our figures and challenges internally so that everyone can understand. 

What did you know about Sharp before you started?
-I´m very interested in football, so I directly connected Sharp to Manchester United, even if it is not my favorite team in Premier League. I knew the logo and the products and spontaneously I had an image of high-quality products.

How have your first weeks at Sharp been?
-I have got a very positive first impression. I have met many nice people with solid knowledge and long experience in the industry.

Describe yourself with three words:
-Curious, calm, and thorough is my spontaneous answer. I have worked in many industries which has developed me a lot and by being curious I constantly keep learning. My work is periodically stressful and pressing but my ability to keep calm and analytical helps me with that. Being thorough feel like a natural and necessary trait to have in my role, which is based on numbers and reporting. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
-I‘m very interested in sports and also like spending time with my family. My wife Lisa and I have two daughters, 13 and 16 years old. As a family, we like to go skiing during the winters and we spend our summer at our summer house in the archipelago in Östersund. 

-I like to watch and play golf but I have also started playing padel, which I enjoy. Otherwise, Football is a favorite and I have been a coach to my daughter for many years. Norrköping is my team and I follow them extra closely.

How do you see Sharp’s future?
-I think we are on the right track by offering a package solution with good products and services. It feels good to be a part of shaping the future together with all of my colleagues. 

Welcome to Sharp Fredrik!